You might be lucky and have the most incredible Middle Eastern store a few minutes from your home. In the blink of an eye, you can find all the exotic products you need to make the recipes in this book. Or, you might live in a town that has nothing Middle Eastern at all! Nothing to worry about, because today the world has shrunk—thanks to the Internet! If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you have at your fingertips all the exotic Middle Eastern kosher products you need to make this yummy food! Here are my favorite sites and a video where I take you shopping with me at a Arax Market, a Middle Easter store in Watertown, MA!  Enjoy!
Sadaf has fabulous kosher Persian products such as pomegranate paste, rose water, limu amooni (dehydrated limes), Persian tea with cardamom, nabat (rock candy), all kinds of spices and many more. They even have a Persian rice cooker!!
Golchin is another great choice for kosher Persian products. They carry tamarind paste with a “heart K” certification.
Love and Bake makes almond paste with kosher certification to make delicious marzipan and Toot.
Hero carries gourmet fruit spread in exotic flavors such as quince and plum.
All in Kosher delivers to your doorstep perfect kosher products, including all the parve items you need to serve delicious desserts after meat meals.